A Walk into Wisdom
is a breathtaking exploration of the

beauty and power of wisdom.

Through thought-provoking quotes and evocative paintings, wisdom is illuminated providing a moment of reflection inviting readers to journey deep within themselves and discover the wisdom that lies within.

This book is not just a celebration of wisdom, but also a guide to unlocking its full potential.

This book is a call to action that invites readers to imagine a society where:

~ we place a greater value on wisdom, learning to listen more deeply to our own wisdom and the wisdom of others.

~ our leaders make decisions based on the principles of wisdom and prosperity for all.

~ we commit to live mindfully and compassionately, leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

A Walk into Wisdom will open windows and let in the light.

Helen Morley and Connie Phenix have danced with wisdom sometimes partnering with its gentle guidance and at other times with its challenge.

Through their lived experience and their organizational consulting, they have come to appreciate the gift wisdom has to offer

and how undervalued and accessed it is in today’s world.

We are on a mission to bring wisdom into the conversation, to activate and value wisdom for everyone!

One word three letters. AWE. What started out as a seed has become a beautiful idea which has blossomed into a work of art. Life's insights, carefully woven in, a palette of colors and precious wisdom that lies within. Whimsical tales that provoke and inspire, filling my heart and guaranteed to inspire.”

Garnet McElree

I felt held in a loving, gentle, wise conversation with the two of you...really an invitation...so so lovely. And provocative. And expansive.”

Cathy Anderson